Title: Messengers: Messenger Monocle specimen #1 from the Messenger study by Dr. Saint Linger

Date: 2016-02-18

Summary: Monocoles For all that is good to exist, a balance of evil must exist as well. The messengers are aware of the power of evil in the universe and do what they can to maintain peace on planet earth. Treachery is not uncommon during the travels of the messengers, but they have developed ways to avoid danger and assure successful journeys. In order for the messengers to safely come and go, a Monocle must be posted in every corner of the world. The Monocle is a super powerful lens with unbelievably high resolution, focus, and scope radius. Every Monocle, in all the regions of the world, is linked to the minds of all the messengers of that specific region.What the Monocle sees, the Messengers see. This makes the messenger network possible. A functional network capable of a powerful broadcast is essential for healthy relationships with the habitants of the world to be managed and sustained. With a steady stream of information circulating to all messengers, the villainous behavior of vile beasts can be evaded and brought to justice. Specimen #1-Desert -July/1985 -Sonoran Desert, Arizona/USA It was during a trip in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, that I stumbled upon this specimen. I was tracking the travel patterns of the desert Glowal Messengers and stopped to rest near a large boulder. When I started to clear the dirt off of the rock I intended to lean on, I immediately noticed the recognizable shape of the magnificent Messenger Monocle. Desert Monocles are often mistaken for stones or budding cactus plants and the harsh climate aids in camouflaging by way of strong wind and powerful sand storms. This particular specimen has been naturally stained a beautiful yellow oxide from constant exposure to the sun and battering from sand storms. Note the gorgeous rhythm of the radial pattern on the crest and natural rough texture of the ridges. *available in etsy shop through link on home page*

Size: 6.0 x 6.0

Category: Personal