Title: Messengers: Glowal Messenger specimen #3 from the Messenger study by Dr. Saint Linger

Date: 2016-02-18

Summary: Glowals The desert climate can be harsh and unforgiving. Getting information to where it needs to be in such a brutal climate can be an incredibly difficult task, but the Messengers are capable of some incredible things. Due to the constant high temperature of the desert, the Glowal Messenger spends most of its time traveling beneath the sand to escape the heat. The tunneling abilities of the Glowal can be compared to a dolphin's agility in the water. However, the Glowal's speed is greatly affected by rainwater, causing it to lose velocity as the ground collects moisture and thickens during storms. Under the right conditions, the Glowal is capable of unthinkable speeds, above and beneath ground, making it the most athletic of all the Messengers. The berating winds atop the surface of the sand produces wonderfully rhythmic patterns and aids in camouflaging the tracks of the Glowal. Above all, the outer coating of the Glowal absorbs sunlight by day and moonlight by night for energy and glows a magnificent yellow as it gains speed. When night falls in the desert and the temperature drops, the Glowal sticks close to whatever shrubbery or stones may be nearby to avoid being seen as it collects light energy from the moon and gains luminosity. Specimen #3 -July/1985 -Sonoran Desert, Arizona USA This specimen came across my path while I studied the behavior of the Glowal Messenger in the Sonoran Desert. I discovered this Glowal completely by accident while not attempting to track any specific Messengers. It was near a rough patch of rocky sand that I caught a quick glimpse of light in the corner of my eye. It was then that I noticed a bubbling in the sand creating a narrow track between larger rocks. It was by a particularly large rock that I not only discovered a fantastic Messenger Monocle, but also this stunning specimen. This is definitely a specimen that spends a lot of time beneath the sand because it's outer coating has almost not been effected by sun bleaching at all. Note the sharp angular sloping of the beak for piercing the ground to tunnel and the circular pattern nesting the eyemark. Dr. Saint Linger, Dr. rer. nat. *available in etsy shop through link on home page*

Size: 15.0 x 12.0

Category: Personal