Title: Messengers: Aquatal Messenger Specimen #2 from the Messenger study

Date: 2016-02-18

Summary: Aquatals Water covers roughly ¾ of the Earth's surface which is equal to roughly 366 trillion million gallons and the average ocean depth is around three miles. That's an unimaginably massive amount of area to circulate information to, but the messengers somehow manage to keep the creatures of the deep as informed as every other being on the planet. Thousands and thousands of species of marine life live in the bodies of water of the world and it essential to peace and harmony that they are included in the messenger network. The Aquatal Messenger is easily the most elusive and difficult to track not only due to the expanse of the briny deep, but also because of the Aquatal Messengers ability to become almost completely transparent. Along the length of the body of every Aquatal Messenger is a varying amount of fins, which gives them the appearance of fish and the large mammals of the ocean. This fin stretches and expands to almost twice it's size for incredible swimming abilities. Some specimens are capable of increased swimming speeds which is marked by a tail and a slimmer body shape. Beneath the fin, is a gland that secretes a serum which gives the Aquatal Messenger its talent for near invisibility. This ability for imperceptible concealment obviously comes in handy when an enemy seeks to disrupt the delivery of important information. Specimen #2 -August/2011 -Lake Erie, Michigan/USA While visiting family in the U.S. State of Michigan, we decided to take a day trip to Lake Erie. While on the beach, enjoying the warm summer day, I took a walk along the shore line in search of something interesting. In hopes of finding beautiful shells or interesting stones, I happened upon a school of fish and a knot of tadpoles. After kneeling down for a closer look, I saw what I thought was a large salamander breaking up the group of small creatures. What I had actually discovered, was a magnificent species of Aquatal Messenger. This particular specimen is capable of immense speeds due to it's slender body and long fin. Note the smoothness of its texture and subtle coloring. *available in etsy shop. go to link on home page*

Size: 7.0 x 7.0

Category: Personal