Title: Messengers: Aerial Messenger Specimen #2 from the Messenger Study by Dr. Saint Linger

Date: 2016-02-18

Summary: Aerials The sky. A never ending plain, full of mystery and beauty, stretching on forever. The ability to navigate and explore such an expansive domain would truly be the most magnificent experience. An immediate escape into wonderment. The birds of the world must witness such incredible sights that would fascinate the hearts and minds of man. I have the privilege to study a very close relative of those beautiful creatures, the Aerial Messenger. How fascinating are the Messengers to have developed the power of flight? The ability to keep the the lords of the sky informed is possibly my favorite characteristic of any Messenger. Aerial Messengers might be the bravest Messengers because while in flight, they leave themselves completely exposed during the delivery of information. However, the distance the Aerial Messenger can fly is very limited so they do not stay exposed for long. The flight of the Aerial can only be activated at great heights which can be difficult, so they tend to dwell in trees and high altitudes. The wingspan of the Aerial varies greatly from specimen to specimen. When not extended, the wings lay dormant beneath the faceplate. Another impressive ability of the Aerial Messenger is the ability of a deafening scream to ward off enemies and predators. The sound of the Aerial Messenger screech is similar to that of the great horned owl and can be heard from miles away. Specimen #2 -February/2006 -Cliffs of Moher/Ireland While vacationing in Southwest Ireland, I took a day to study and appreciate the beauty along the Cliffs of Moher. I hadn't expected to do much research during this trip, but when you study such amazing creatures like the Messengers it's hard not to get some work done. After studying the region, I found what I thought to the best location to post up to search the cliffs and the sky. I just knew there was a discovery to be made here. There was a presence in the sky. Then I heard it. The great beckon of the Aerial Messenger. I spent the next few days studying the sky and the cliffs for signs of the great Aerial call that I heard a few days earlier. I finally came upon this enormous specimen during my third week of investigation. Such an impressive wing appendage above and below the faceplate which is very uncommon among Aerials. Note the vibrating pattern flowing from the eyemark. Dr. Saint Linger, Dr. rer. nat. (available in etsy shop. Link on home page.)

Size: 22.0 x 22.0

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